Board of Immigration Appeals

Where other lawyers do the bare minimum, we provide the highest quality court representation with professional legal filings, well researched legal briefs and confident experienced attorneys who will know and understand the details of your case.


  • We will work quickly to meet the deadline for your appeal and provide you with a copy of our appeal and proof that it was accepted for processing.
  • We can help you obtain or renew your work permit while your appeal is pending and protect you from deportation.
  • Once we file the final legal argument in your appeal, we’ll provide you a copy of our work because we take pride in the high-quality, innovative arguments that clients have come to expect from Brown Law.

Honest Advice and Innovative Work

At Brown Law, we will review your entire case history, all the work of your former lawyer and go over what happened at your trial to determine whether any mistakes were made.

We will then provide you honest advice regarding your likelihood of success on appeal, how long it will take and how much it will cost so that you can make an informed decision. We even offer payment plans to help you spread out the cost of your appeal overtime because we understand that the deadline to appeal is very short and you’ll need to move quickly.

Once your appeal is filed, we will keep you updated on all the developments and give you a copy of our professional legal brief so you can see the quality of our work immediately.

Our attorneys are passionate about the law and advancing the interests of immigrants through well-researched and innovative appellate work.

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After listening to all of your concerns and documenting your immigration history, we will craft a unique solution based on your specific situation. We’ll tell you the exact cost for the services you want and can even craft a payment plan to meet your needs.

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