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Where other lawyers do the bare minimum, we provide the highest quality court representation with professional legal filings, well researched legal briefs and confident experienced attorneys who will know and understand the details of your case.


  • Our attorneys have vast litigation experience representing asylum seekers and cancellation of removal applicants in front of the Immigration Court.
  • We work quickly to help detained clients obtain an immigration bond so that they can be released by ICE and reunite with their family.
  • We have experience obtaining green cards in court, including applying for complicated waivers for clients who have criminal history or have committed fraud in the past.

We will help you at each step of the way so you feel supported

And prepared when you have your day in court. Your experience will start with us preparing your application for relief on the first day you retain us and submitting it to the Court within two weeks of signing your contract.

Next, we will work tirelessly to obtain your work permit as soon as possible so you can move forward with your life. We will be prepared and ready to represent you at your preliminary hearing and you’ll see first-hand how the judge reacts to the quality and timeliness of our work. About six months before your final trial, we will prepare your personal statement and work with you to help you obtain evidence in support of your case.

We leave nothing to chance: before submitting your legal brief, we will review every single piece of evidence and every single document in your case to ensure everything you present to the court is internally consistent.

We negotiate with the DHS prosecutors in every single case we try and often get them to agree in advance to better outcomes for our clients based on the strength and professionality of our filings alone. The week of your trial, we will prepare you fully for what to expect, what questions you’ll need to answer and make sure you feel confident and secure for your trial. At trial, you can expect us to fight for your interests to help you get the best outcome possible.

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After listening to all of your concerns and documenting your immigration history, we will craft a unique solution based on your specific situation. We’ll tell you the exact cost for the services you want and can even craft a payment plan to meet your needs.

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