United States Citizenship & Immigration Services

From obtaining your first work permit to applying to become a U.S. Citizen, we provide professional, high quality USCIS filings.


  • We can help you successfully navigate obtaining a green card through marriage – even if you entered the country unlawfully or need a waiver for an old deportation order.
  • We’ll advise you of all the important evidence that needs to be submitted in your case from the very beginning so you don’t later experience delays in the processing of your case.
  • You can expect us to share a copy of everything we submit in your case so you can see the quality and precision of our work and feel confident that you’re in good hands.

The key to a successful case with USCIS

Is to know what evidence is needed to support your application and make sure it is submitted at the very beginning so that you don’t have delays, complications and surprise bills later.

Looking at USCIS forms, they often times seem to request only basic biographical information, when in reality USCIS officers are expecting detailed evidence to be able to approve your case. We will give you a complete written list of all the evidence you’ll need, help you obtain it and then review it all to make sure that it helps your case.

We can even coordinate the translation of any foreign language documents you need to submit and write your personal statement for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Once we submit your application, we’ll send you a copy of our work and keep you updated on every development and every notification in your case. We won’t abandon you once your case is filed and our entire team will be here to serve you and answer any questions that may come up until your USCIS makes the final decision on your case.

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After listening to all of your concerns and documenting your immigration history, we will craft a unique solution based on your specific situation. We’ll tell you the exact cost for the services you want and can even craft a payment plan to meet your needs.

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